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Our Most Recent Disney Trip

March 20, 2005

Everything on this trip was a first for Angelina. 

 - It's a small world

 - Peter Pan's Flight

 - Cinderella's Golden Carrousel

 - Spaceship Earth

 - & The Living Seas

She loved everything!

Yea, we're going to Disney again!

Yea, we're here!

The Castle is so beautiful.

This is so great.

It's so nice.

It's so clean!

Time to go to Epcot, see ya later Magic Kingdom.

We're so happy it's open again!

Yea, we're in Epcot!

Almost, just a little bit more and we're on!

Whoa, look at this starfish!

Wow, this ride is great!

Time to go, thanks for taking me to Disney today Mom and Dad!